Christmas Lunch Buffet

Create your own Christmas lunch menu. Start with a choice of 2 salads, then pick your turkey and second entrée, add starch and vegetable, finish up with dessert. Mix and match any menu items you like or follow our suggestions.

We developed 3 Christmas lunch themes:
Traditional (T), Mediterranean (M), and Asian (A).

Christmas lunch buffet is served with freshly baked bread and butter.
Lunch includes disposable cutlery and crockery.
Add coffee and tea service for $2.00 per person.
Vegetarian options available upon request.

$26.95 per person: 15-25 people
$25.95 per person: 26-50 people
$24.95 per person: 51-100 people
$23.95 per person: over 100 people


Two Salads

Twelve leaf lettuce with roasted pecans and roasted garlic, Dijon dressing (T)
Roma tomato and bocconcini salad (T, M)
Greek salad (M)
Crisp leaf lettuce with mandarin, toasted almonds, grape tomatoes and roasted red pepper aioli (M)
Crisp lettuces with cranberry and pecans in a balsamic five herb dressing (T, M)
Grilled vegetable salad (T, M)
Crisp lettuce with almonds and grape tomatoes in red curry coconut dressing (A)
Red cabbage and ginger slaw (A)


Roasted boneless breast and thigh of turkey with cranberry chutney, homemade jus, and sage and garlic stuffing (T)
Roasted boneless breast and thigh of turkey with Moroccan spices and fig tapenade (M)
Roasted boneless turkey breast and thigh with red chili maple glaze (A)

Second Entrée

Roast pork loin with three pesto crust, spiced apple ginger chutney (T)
Beef bourguignon braised with red wine, shallots, bacon and mushrooms (T)
Steamed salmon filet with lemongrass and ginger, wasabi soya dressing (A)
Three pesto baked salmon filet (M, T)

One Starch

Roasted potatoes with cranberry & lemon zest (T)
Cilantro garlic whipped potato (T)
Cranberry ginger spiced couscous (M)
Vegetable fried rice or noodles (A)

One Vegetable

Cinnamon scented yams (M)
Garlic stir fried vegetables (A)
Roasted candied yams and vegetables (T)

One Dessert

Cranberry almond tart (M)
Eggnog cheesecake (T)
Coconut tart (A)